Spice Health Heroes

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Featuring recipes from José Andrés, April Bloomfield, Peter Gordon, Judy Joo, Lidia Bastianich and many more
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Many spices have huge benefits to health and nutrition that are only now beginning to be recognized in the Western world. Backed by an impressive team of international medical professionals and institutions, Spice Health Heroes explores the nutritional and medical applications of 30 commonly available but nevertheless extraordinary spice ‘health heroes’.

In addition to being good for you, spices are universally celebrated for the depth of flavour that they bring to dishes. The alchemy of roasting and blending the perfect spice mix is a careful balance of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy that elevates a dish to something truly special. Here, over 90 recipes, including contributions from more than 20 internationally renowned chefs, draw their inspiration from around the world and include such mouth-watering dishes as Hibiscus and Citrus-crusted Prawns with Tart Tuscan Melon, Tamarind and Tahitian Lime Roasted Duck, and Toasted Pepper, Lemon and Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream. 

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie Spiced Turmeric Tisane

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie
Spiced Turmeric Tisane

Pork Chile Verde

Pork Chile Verde

Fenugreek-Poached Pear with Dessert Dukkah

Fenugreek-Poached Pear with Dessert Dukkah

“Spices, Earth’s refined alchemy, discovered and cherished by our ancestors, enhance the flavour of our food, bringing life to our mealtimes. Use spices not only for their culinary properties but also for their impressive healing qualities, which can help your health, inner balance and well-being.”

Eleni Tsiompanou, MD, PGDip, MSc Nutritional Medicine, Health Being Institute, London

“Spices are a wonderful way to not only improve the flavour of the food you cook but also increase the potential health benefits. Spices provide natural flavours that contain a variety of phytochemicals, many of which are being studied today for their health benefits. Natasha’s book Spice Health Heroes is a fantastic resource for patients wanting to learn how to improve the health benefits of the food they are eating every day.“

– Richard Lee, MD, CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio


“I got my copy of your new cookbook Spice Health Heroes a couple of weeks ago. What a BEAUTIFUL book!!! And I've learned so much. But the real treat are the recipes. I've already done the chicken tikka, the chicken adobo, and the onion mushroom soup. All delicious!!! Next up will be the pan-roasted monkfish. It's all so yummy. And I feel healthier already. So thanks! thanks! for taking the time (It must have been a BIG investment of time) for researching and writing such a wonderful cookbook.“

Michael F. Venice, CA

Radio Interviews

I discuss my new book, Spice Health Heroes with William Sitwell. Our conversation begins about 32 minutes into the show.

Natasha MacAller chats about her new book, Spice Health Heroes with Jo Good on The Barking Hour. 


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