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VT_tash_bookusukVanilla Table has got a publisher in the UK and the USA! The gracious Jacqui Small will publish in both regions under the Aurum Publishing Group. Vanilla Table will be distributed in the USA by the lovely group at Quarto Publishing, also a part of Aurum Publishing. 

Boston Ballet Reunion

Boston Ballet Alumni, Bernie Gardella took the Études photo that inspired my Dancing Chef logo. It was great to be back to thank her at the Boston Ballet reunion!

Sherry and Duff

Sherry Yard and Natasha handing out Sherry’s divine cookies from the Helms Bakery Truck at LA Magazine Best Chefs event in front of her new Helms Bakery opening later this year!
Duff Goldman at Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco with his recipe from Vanilla Table!

Curious Cat


Look even Mick’s curious nature has him buried in the pages of Vanilla Table!

“For he will do
As he do do
And there’s no doing anything about it!”
― T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats


Your Home and Garden and “Vanilla Queen” – Dish Mag.


Your Home and Garden magazine is featuring Natasha and her new book Vanilla Table in their February issue. Full article coming soon.


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DISH_thumbnailDish Issue 51 – VANILLA TABLE


Vanilla Table Book ReviewDISH_VANILLA TABLE

By Natasha MacAller

Pastry chef Natasha MacAller has created a book showcasing the versatility of vanilla, with more than 100 sweet and savoury dishes from her own repertoire and 32 contributing chefs, including the likes of Yota Ottolenghi, Maggie Beer, Al Brown and Peter Gordon.

As well as desserts and baking, there are also unexpected uses of vanilla, as in ‘Heirloom Tomato Bisque’ with vanilla caramelised onions; or ‘The Pork Chop’ steeped in ginger beer and vanilla brine.

Originally from the US, Natasha lives part-time in Kerikeri, which inspired her ‘Shaved Fennel and Kerikeri Orange Salad’. The recipes are a mixture of skill levels, but for those keen to start small a section of vanilla basics also presents different ways of incorporating it into dishes, such as ‘Vanilla Salt’.

For many this book will surprise, challenge and inspire them to try vanilla in a new way. –Victoria Wells

Vanilla Table in Magazines


Auckland’s Boutique Magazine, Verve

Natasha MacAller

Take 33 of the best international chefs, add the golden ingredient real vanilla and you will have the ‘recipe’ for a great cookbook. Ex-professional ballerina and chef with a mission, Natasha MacAller, has done that and then some in her beautiful new book, The Vanilla Table. It’s full of ‘want to cook’ recipes, and the clever chefs contributions vary from shaved fennel and Kerikeri orange salad through to slow roasted oxtail pot pies and raspberry meringue martinis, and so many great recipes in between. Vanilla is an all time favourite flavor for sweets and desserts but the twist of adding it to savoury dishes adds a subtleness that foodies will treasure. Definitely a book to sit and drool over, experiment with and then surprise and impress your friends and family with pure deliciousness. I have read and reread my copy of the book and the tin roof gooey scooter pies are a revelation, truly rich and rewarding.


New Zealand Sunday Herald



The Australian Women’s Weekly


ODTPublished on Otago Daily Times Online News (
Cook books By Charmian Smith, 13/11/13

Vanilla may be one of the most popular flavourings and aromatics for everything from ice cream and biscuits to shampoo and perfume, but it can be used for so much more, according to Natasha Macaller in Vanilla Table (Bateman).

Her vanilla candied bacon bits top a dessert.

Vanilla aioli and vanilla vincotto can top salads or pizzas.

This coffee-table book celebrates the spice, explaining the difference between vanilla from Tahiti, Indonesia, Madagascar and Mexico, and between vanilla paste, powder, and extract.

Macaller’s recipes and some from 33 other international chefs range from simple (spiced oatmeal cookies) to whimsical (cranberry tweed cardigans) to innovative (the Tonga trifle topped with the remarkable vanilla candied bacon).

It’s a fascinating exploration of some of the possibilities vanilla, sweet and savoury, and will be enjoyed by chefs and adventurous cooks.

Charlie Trotter Tribute

c_trotterSeptember 8, 1959 -
November 5, 2013

Charlie was excited to create a recipe for Vanilla Table but had to graciously withdraw as so much was happening with the closing of his restaurant. I met and estaged with Charlie in Las Vegas during my breaks in culinary school in the 90’s at the no named restaurant he created at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was here I learned about one of the most useful tools of the trade from Charlie. The “offset spatula” paired with a bouquet of my garden’s New Zealand native herbs, Reinga Lillies, and kitchen herbs, I dedicate this to “Chef” who inspired and taught us all so very much. Bless you.