JC100 Tribute (Julia Child Tribute)

Dancing Chef Natasha MacAller cooks a Banana Polenta Upside Down Cake using our Heilala Vanilla.

FOX 32 News, Good Day Chicago – Interview with host Darlene Hill.

"Good Morning" TVNZ – Natasha makes Smoked Trout Johnnycake Stacks with Vanilla Citrus Sauce.


Such a joyous visit with Tatyana chatting and sometimes dancing on the purple sofa as we talked about spices, International Women’s Day, ballet as a profession (she studied ballet for many years) and culinary medicine…good wholesome food and spice is good medicine!

Take Care hosts Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen speak with Natasha MacAller about the basics of spices and their health properties.

Natasha MacAller chats about her new book, Spice Health Heroes with Jo Good on The Barking Hour

I discuss my new book, Spice Health Heroes with William Sitwell. Our conversation begins about 32 minutes into the show.


North by Northwest with Sheryl MacKay - CBC - NPR radio-Canada

Interview with Chef and writer Natasha MacAller in the Cooking Club with her book "Vanilla Table".