Omnivore Books on Food


A clear crisp San Francisco day. Looking for a latte I wandered into Samovar Tea – had the most gorgeous handmade Chai warmed in large beaten copper pots. Daniel explained the nuances of each blend of tea and sampling the turmeric, pepper and licorice blend I was invigorated!


Lunch at the iconic Zuni Cafe on Market Street – each dish perfectly served, seasoned and eaten, I cannot wait to return!


Omnivore bookstore originally a butcher shop in the 40s still has the massive scale overhead and the redwood lined cold room which is truly 10 degrees cooler than the shop. Now a cookbook treasure trove  tucked into every nook and cranny, Omnivore celebrates new and antique food books from the Pitcairn Islands to New York, Iceland and London! A foodie must visit destination!